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It's all about Jesus and what He did for us.  The Cross is the clearest message of both the seriousness of sin and the sacrificial love of God.

The Cross was the means by which God fixed the problem of our sin and restored hope... restored the possibility of a close relationship with Him.


We all come from somewhere and are going someplace.  Your journey is different from anyone else's.

The Bible often describes the journey of faith as taking a walk with God.  Back in the Garden, God enjoyed walking with us in the cool of the day.  God spoke to Abraham and told him to "walk before Me and be blameless"​

We are told that our Shepherd leads us in Paths of Righteousness for His Name's sake."

Where you are now may be filled with questions, even pain.  We invite you to seek answers and opportunity together.

Mission & Purpose

Shining the Light

of the Cross

Walking the Pathway

of Faith

God loves all people and desires everyone to come to a knowledge of the truth.  He desires all to be saved.  He loved the world and gave His Son.  And so we also are commanded to love, to show compassion and share the Good News of Jesus and the Grace of Forgiveness through Him.

We are called to make disciples, which means "followers".  We follow His teaching and way of life that we learn in the Bible.

Loving People and

Making Disciples In Newport

and All Nations

RF stands for Restoration Fellowship
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