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Health Care Failures

2 ways a Doctor's office can fail (not an exhaustive list by any means but making a point)

1--demand that no one entering the office demonstrates or exhibits any signs or symptoms of sickness.

2--tell everyone who comes in that they are not really sick at all and that they do not need to seek any treatment from a doctor.

In contrast, a successful doctor's office allows and welcomes people who are exhibiting symptoms of sickness and then presents the appropriate diagnosis and treatment options.

After that, the patient then must decide whether to accept the diagnosis and treatment presented. The doctor has the responsibility to speak truth to the sickness, the patient has the choice.

The doctor is not a bad person for correctly identifying the sickness and proposing a cure, but not all patients like to hear the diagnosis.

Should the doctor stay silent to the sickness and the cure? I hope not.

In the same way, we also see churches failing in both these ways as well. But a successful church welcomes those who struggle with their sin, but does not waiver from the correct diagnosis (sin) nor does it shy away from the correct cure--salvation in Messiah Yeshua.

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